The spring 2016 semester has started up. I am finally back in the classroom again -at the university. I am in my last year of my Master’s program and life couldn’t be more hectic. In the time I have been away from my blog, I’ve experienced so many life-lessons that could last a life-time. As a paraprofessional at a local school in Kansas City, I have grown so much in my outlook on education. It really is vital to get first-hand experience in any career you are seeking to go in. I highly encourage a person to dive headfirst in whatever they seek in life. Life is filled with so many opportunities.

As a female of color, I have seen the importance of being in the classroom. I understand the importance of having presence and making a positive impact. In many ways, being a person of color within the inner-city school I work in, I am able to relate to the students. In return, students are able to feel a level of familiarity with you. Culture is very important. In my college courses, we often discuss the importance of diversity. However, diversity is such a big concept that can encompass many things. Diversity transcends racial groups. Diversity includes: languages, lifestyles, cultures, religions, classes and etc. You will encounter students from various backgrounds that will need your understanding and love. For some people, this can be challenging. And sometimes, it can be.

The classroom at a university is different than a classroom you will encounter in a school. You are given theoretical outlooks and then you are given reality once you step outside of your college campus. I am forever grateful for the job that I have because I can experience the daily lives of teachers. You have to be proactive in many ways. You have to be self-confident in the choices that you make. You have to be creative. You have to be a critical thinker. You have to be open to change. The classroom is forever changing as time goes by.  Your classroom may force you to rethink your own personal values and beliefs. Are you ready for that?

In order to be an effective educator, you need heart. You need the kind of heart that remains constant in the battle to give your best each and everyday to every student that you teach. You have to dig deep everyday and touch that part of yourself. Look yourself in the mirror and tell yourself why you are an educator. Never forget your purpose. You are a very special person. You have a heart that will influence students to be all that they aspire to be. You have to keep this mentality. Every morning, I wake up with my purpose in mind. I go to sleep with my students in mind. I keep my ‘why’ in mind. Why am I doing this? Why is this important to me? Why are the students important? Why? Why am I in a classroom? You have to know your why.



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